Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 10: Growth Mindset

In the first Growth mindset post I wanted to explore how talking to my children at school about not having a fixed mindset would help them succeed. I help them with their homework and during the last few weeks their math has gotten more and more difficult for them. Seeing as I struggled with math myself I tried to give them an encouraging example of how you just have to keep trying and it doesn’t hurt to try something different. We used marbles as an example to help with the math problems so they would get a visual image instead of just writing it down on a piece of paper. I found that when they did not have homework they wanted me to write down math problems they could solve because it had made math “fun” for them.

I learned from this a better way to teach them and to help them succeed. I try to apply what works when I study to what might help them. Even though some days are more difficult than others, I think the children are starting to realize it is okay to struggle but it is not okay to give up.

Reflections from an Elementary School Principal: Encouraging a growth mindset:

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  1. Sara,

    I think it is great that you are applying this concept to your daily life. Children in school right now are really struggling with finding and focus and most importantly, motivation to keep pushing forward even when they fail. I loved this post because I think it is very important to give the young good tips and tools so that they do not lose their desire to continue pursuing education. I am sure that these children are grateful for your help and different learning strategies. As a mother I really appreciate people like you that go beyond the call of duty so thank you!